Restore a natural, youthful look



Reshape and refine



Refine your curves, redefine your shape



Regain your healthy, attractive legs



Revitalize your skin, rejuvenate your look

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  • Rejuvenate Areas Most Affected by Weight Loss and Childbirth.
  • Improve Skin Laxity and Stretch Marks.



After weight loss, pregnancy or lower abdominal surgery, it is often difficult – if not impossible – to regain your shape. Skin can be permanently stretched and can lose its ability to tighten adequately. Tissue (called fascia) surrounds and supports abdominal muscles. If this tissue is stretched and damaged, surgical tightening may be the only solution. Excess fat in the lower abdomen contributes to an unflattering appearance for men and women. Good nutrition and regular exercise often help, but this area is more resistant to change than many other areas. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can address the loose skin, excess lower abdominal fat and muscle wall laxity to improve your shape.

Those who have excess abdominal skin and fat folds caused by weight loss or pregnancy are likely to benefit from abdominoplasty. Loose and damaged skin never adequately tightens spontaneously. It must be removed to improve the appearance of the lower tummy. This lower abdominal skin is often where the worst stretch marks are located. These can be removed and the remaining skin tightened to restore a better appearance.

Pregnancy and abdominal surgery can permanently stretch or damage the tissue that supports tummy muscles. In many cases, the muscles are "toned" but the shape bulges forward when you relax. The only way to tighten the supportive tissue for these muscles is with surgery. Tightening deeper layers and removing loose skin and fat make your stomach firmer and flatter. The best results are achieved in healthy patients who do not smoke, eat a healthy diet, are near their ideal body weight and are already involved in a regular exercise program.


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