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"Breast Augmentation"

  • Dr. Gallas is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
  • Dr. Gallas has Performed Thousands of Breast Augmentations.
  • Trained with the Inventors of the Breast Implant.

Breast augmentation, or enlargement, remains one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed. An implant is placed behind the breast tissue either in front of, or behind, the muscle to enhance the shape and size of the breast. Ideal implant placement along with the choice of the right breast augmentation procedure will be determined after a consultation with Dr. Gallas. Decisions will be made regarding the size, shape and type of implant. Different techniques – including implant position and incision choice for achieving your desired improvements – will also be discussed in detail. This discussion will focus on your concerns and goals. Relevant history relating to the breast such as previous surgery, pregnancy, breastfeeding and family history of breast cancer will be explored. Breast augmentation in the presence of breast ptosis, or “droopiness,” requires correction with mastopexy (breast lift) in addition to augmentation. This is particularly common after pregnancy or other instances of weight gain and loss.

Types of breast implants

To enhance smaller breasts and provide a more shapely figure, breast augmentation is one of the top plastic surgical procedures performed today. Dr. Gallas uses the latest implants available, to offer you more choices. These include the FDA-approved durable silicone gel implant and saline implant. The surgical technique used will depend on your needs as well as the breast implant type, and Dr. Gallas will always consider the most conservative approach first to leave little scarring and allow for quicker healing times.

Silicone breast implants – The FDA-approved silicone implant of the future is available today. These high-strength implants offer a natural look and feel.
Saline breast implants – Saline implants have been successfully used for years and are a popular option.

There are many different shapes, types and sizes of implants in both the saline and silicone gel implants whose surfaces can be smooth or textured.

Implants come in basically two shapes: round and contoured (pear-shaped or “anatomical”). Some women prefer a more rounded upper breast shape or a full shape with less distinct edges. Your tissues and the implant size and shape determine the breast shape. A contoured implant can deliver excellent projection of the breast while decreasing the outward or convex roundness of the upper breast. A round implant will generally produce a rounder and more prominent upper breast contour. Deciding which is the best implant to complement your shape can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Gallas.

We encourage, honor and welcome your referrals. For more information about breast augmentation procedures in Katy and West Houston, Texas, call Gallas Plastic Surgery & Vein Center at (281) 646-1114 today or use our online Request an Appointment form.