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What are implants?

Implants are materials used in order to improve the appearance of specific body structures, for example the jaw, cheeks, calves, breasts and buttocks. They may be made of different materials such as silicone or polyethylene, but all of them serve to alter the appearance of the specific body part into something more appealing to its owner. Or it may be done in order to restore normal structure following an injury to the area. Whatever the reasons, implants will help improve esthetically the contour of the body.

Where can I use some of these implants?

  • Face. Facial implants are commonly placed in the jaw and cheek areas for both men and women. They enhance the masculinity or femininity of the face.
  • Calves. Calf implants may be used to give a full appearance to the lower leg. They may also be used to restore a normal-appearing leg contour to victims of muscle wasting, for example polio.
  • Breasts. Breast implants give the appearance of fuller and more shapely breasts.
  • Pectorals. Pectoral implants adds bulk to the pectoral muscles of men, giving a more masculine profile.
  • Buttocks. Buttocks implants improve the size and shape of the buttocks.

How is it done?

The surgeon will need to assess into what part of the body an incision will be made. The incision should ideally be along the normal body lines or creases or for jaw and cheek implants to be done inside of the mouth in order to better hide the incisions. Once an incision is made, the surgeon typically forms a pocket that will serve to hold the implants. Once placed, the implants will be stitched closed and bandaged or taped. The entire procedure may take a few hours only while the sutures may remain in place for five to ten days.

Is it safe?

As with any surgical procedure, infection is always a risk. Antibiotics may be prescribed to minimize this risk. Proper wound care will also be needed to prevent infection.

Another problem might be the shifting of the implant within the site. An implant may move out of its expected alignment. If this happens, another procedure may be necessary.

Minor problems may include postoperative swelling, bruising, discomfort and/or pain.

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21300 Provincial Blvd
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