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Photofacial Rejuvenation
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Photofacial rejuvenation is a half-hour procedure that uses an intense beam of broad-spectrum light to stimulate and encourage the regeneration of skin cells while simultaneously removing damaged or old skin. The procedure results in improved skin tone and texture.

For what conditions is photofacial rejuvenation used?

Photofacial rejuvenation is used to treat discolored, blotchy, hyperpigmented or sun-damaged skin. It is also used to minimize skin redness associated with rosacea and acne, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as facial veins, enlarged pores or freckles.

The treatment is not advised for people with dark or tanned skin because it can cause changes in skin pigmentation. Patients of African-American or Mediterranean descent may wish to consult their doctor or esthetician before deciding on this procedure.

How does photofacial rejuvenation work?

During photofacial rejuvenation, an intense beam of broad-spectrum light is targeted at the dermis (lower layer of skin). The light penetrates deep into the skin, causing blood vessels to constrict thereby reducing redness and stimulating collagen growth to encourage cell regeneration.

What are the immediate results of photofacial rejuvenation?

After your treatment, you will notice that your face looks slightly red or flushed. This is a normal reaction, and the redness will eventually fade. A smoother skin texture will become evident after a few days, owing to the stimulation of collagen growth. The treatment can also help minimize large pores, repair visible small blood vessels or diminish pigmentation problems or sun damage.

How does photofacial rejuvenation differ from other facial treatments?

Because it is noninvasive and nonablative, photofacial rejuvenation is safe and involves almost no downtime. Laser skin resurfacing, on the other hand, is more invasive, has a longer recovery period and carries greater risk of complications.

Photofacial rejuvenation also treats a greater range of skin problems and can thus address multiple skin conditions in a single treatment. It costs less than a laser treatment and has minimal risk of scarring and burning.

Is photofacial rejuvenation painful?

Photofacial rejuvenation causes little or no pain. Some patients report a mild tingling or smarting sensation during treatment. Short-term side effects have been reported occasionally; these include minor swelling, visible capillaries and mild bruising. These symptoms subside within a matter of days. There have been rare cases of scarring or bleeding.

How many treatments are required?

It may take multiple treatments to attain the optimum effects of photofacial rejuvenation, depending on the condition of the skin being treated. On the average, doctors recommend three to five treatments.

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